Cheap Air Conditioning

Cost-effective Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

Cooling a home can be tricky. While air conditioning can do that, it can be too expensive. So how can you make your home a cool haven without breaking the bank? Below are ideas that will cool your home and save you money.

Natural Cooling

Air conditioning fights hot air coming into your home. Sources of the hot air are dark walls, poor insulation, lack of ventilation and light through windows. These problems you can overcome economically. Ceiling fans are cheaper than air conditioners and perfect when the temperature isn’t too high. If direct sunlight pours into your home through a door or window, consider installing awnings.

Install an openable skylight to expel hot air through the ceiling. Make use of cross ventilation to bring cool air into your home. Light coloured walls will reflect heat away from your house, but dark colours absorb heat and transfer it indoors. Good interior ventilation will cut air conditioning costs in the hot summer months.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Portable air conditioners are appropriate for a small room or apartment but expensive to run. Wall or window air conditioning is effective, but bulky and only cools one room. A better choice may be a split-system air conditioner, which has an indoor cooling unit connected to an outdoor unit.

Ducted air cons are great for cooling but cost a lot. Look at the Star rating on a ducted A/C. The higher the Star rating, the more you will save because the air conditioner will be more efficient. Evaporative coolers cool air using water and are the cheapest to run.

Size of an Air Conditioning System

The size of an air conditioner matters and getting the right size will save money. A system that’s too small for an area will cost more money as it has to work harder. Buying the right-size air conditioning unit is costly initially but cost-effective over time.

If your home has high ceilings, you need a higher capacity unit and an air conditioning specialist can suggest the right size. According to air conditioning Canberra, since not all rooms are of the same size, get a unit that can cool the largest room and use a zoned system that lets you turn off the air con in rooms you’re not using. See more from Southern Aircon & Refrigeration with their featured article on getting the most out of your air conditioner.

Save Money Cooling Your Home

Natural cooling methods can reduce air conditioning costs. Another smart way to lower costs is turning up the thermostat on your A/C. For every degree you raise the thermostat, you can potentially save 10-15% on energy bills.

Other ways you can maximise your air conditioning include: Servicing your unit regularly to ensure it’s working properly and efficiently. Turning off lights and making sure sunlight isn’t streaming through the windows. Using a ceiling fan instead of an air conditioner if the weather isn’t too hot or running both on hotter days.


Air conditioning alone can cool your home but is rather costly and unhealthy. Look for natural ways and use them as often as possible. You will feel healthier and your wallet will thank you.